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Everything about rigid box bodies

At Hoobrid, we've tailored our offerings to ensure that your cargo's requirements are always met. Be it maintaining stable temperatures or transporting frozen items, we have you covered. Here’s a quick breakdown of what box bodies we offer:

🚚 Non-Insulated box Bodies: The perfect all-rounder for general van chassis needs. These bodies provide spacious and secure transport for non-perishable goods, equipment, and more. Every journey with our non-insulated bodies ensures that your cargo reaches in prime condition. From retail merchandise to machinery, these robust structures cater to all.

❄️ FNA (ATP Class) Refrigerated box Bodies: Your fresh produce, like dairy, meats, fruits, and veggies, deserve the best care. With our FNA bodies, you can trust that these items will be transported in a controlled environment above -20°C.

🍦 FRC (ATP Class) Refrigerated box Bodies: Think of the coldest storage for your frozen products. Our FRC bodies maintain temperatures below -20°C, making them ideal for ice cream, frozen meats, and other frozen items.

Key Features:

  • Customizability: Tailored to suit unique customer requirements.

  • Lightweight & Robust: Increased transport efficiency with structural aluminium systems.

  • Cleanliness: Easy-to-clean laminated structures.

  • Work Ergonomics: Efficient cargo access and LED-lit areas for night usage.

  • Safety: Top-notch cargo-securing systems for safe transportation.

Additionally, we offer various accessories like hydraulic lifts, rear-view cameras, and more.

Dive deep into our range and let Hoobrid answer your transport needs. Explore now and ensure your cargo always gets the best transport conditions! 🚛💨


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