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Movable partition wall for FRC, FNA bodies

Cool Slide® is a dynamic and innovative movable partition wall and cold restraint system that offers a multifaceted approach to cargo temperature management. With the ability to create different temperature areas within one vehicle, it's a perfect fit for businesses looking for efficient cold storage solutions.

The system boasts resilience against collision damage thanks to its flexible material. Not only does Cool Slide® enhance the cargo's safety, but it also results in considerable savings in terms of fuel and CO2 emissions—up to 40%, or approximately 990 per year.

For easy handling, Cool Slide® can be longitudinally adjusted and folded. During unloading, it is simply pushed into the hold step by step. It offers high insulation value ensuring temperature safety, and its elements are magnetically connected to each other. Importantly, it can be retrofitted to any vehicle body at any time with an installation kit.

As a partition wall system, Cool Slide® is longitudinally movable and foldable, providing unmatched variability. The system facilitates easy loading by pushing the elements crosswise. Additionally, it allows temperature control through a fan or a dual evaporator unit.

Further augmenting its utility, Cool Slide® also works as a cold restraint system for ATP/FRC tested deep-freeze vehicles without rear doors. It comes with a tail lift central locking system for added convenience and safety. Overall, the Cool Slide® system offers versatile, efficient, and environmentally friendly solutions to cargo temperature management.


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