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Hoobrid's converted van chassis, van and a truck

All commercial vehicle conversions


We are one-stop-shop for commercial vehicle conversions.

We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that streamline daily routines and enhance everyday business.

Our goal is to simplify, improve, and inspire through our commitment to delivering straightforward, cost-effective, and reliable commercial vehicle conversions that add more value to our customers.
Hoobrid's converted vans are delivered to the clients on vehicle transporter

From design to registration

Research and design

Together, we find out your needs, provide best practices, prepare a technical document and start the order.



Production of the bodies or equipment starts according to your specifications.



We mount the bodies, equipment and accessories you order.


Final checks

We check the quality and conformity of the products before handing over the converted commercial vehicles.


Issuance of documents

If the conversion involves a change of use or category of vehicle, we issue documents for registration in the European Union.


We Plan, We Build,
We Deliver

We are your one-stop solution for commercial transportation conversions, covering everything from conversion ideas to servicing the installed equipment. Trust in our team for professional and exceptional service every step of the way.
Many of Hoobrid's conversions - van conversions, van chassis, refrigerated van chassis conversions with FRC bodies

Latest Hoobrid news

Hoobrid's employee is installing an FRC refrigerated body on a truck
Transforming vehicles for various industries, leading the way for more value to our clients.

Our focus areas

Our van conversions cover various options, including accessories, passenger and refrigerated van conversions. We take pride in providing products that have high-quality materials and cutting-edge technologies to ensure optimal functionality and style.

Passenger van conversion on Volkswagen Crafter

Van conversions

A wide range of body and other conversions on vehicle chassis. Our skilled team will provide a specific solution that satisfies your unique needs and preferences. Our offered solutions use top-notch components and cutting-edge technology to produce useful, long-lasting products.

Tarpaulin platform body installed on Iveco Daily van chassis

Van chassis conversions

Truck, trailer and semi-trailer conversion solutions with a full spectrum of isolation, refrigeration, cargo loading and more. We are providing products that use premium components and cutting-edge technology to deliver finished products that are both useful and long-lasting.

Non-insulated body and hydraulic lift installed on Scania P series truck

Truck, trailer and semi-trailer conversions

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