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Meet Hoobrid

A truck driving in the forest near the sea

Our mission is to revolutionize the commercial transport industry by providing innovative and efficient transport conversion solutions, eliminating inefficiencies and enhancing operational performance.

Hoobrid aims to provide reliable, cost-effective, long-term focused solutions for the transport industry that remove unnecessary challenges of fleet use.  

Our top priority is customer satisfaction - to listen and truly hear the client and their needs. Our commitment to the customer results in impressive company growth.


We continuously strive to improve our services and products to meet the changing demands of our customers. This approach has helped us build a loyal customer base and establish ourselves as a leading player in the industry. 

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Paulius Balciunas

Paulius has a proven leadership, management, and business track record across various industries. He held key management positions with over eight years of experience before co-founding the company. He also served as a Deputy Commander of a Company in the Lithuanian Armed Forces, and currently, Paulius is pursuing an Executive MBA.

Paulius Balciunas, the CEO and co-founder of Hoobrid

What We Value

Being customer-focused means, we have to be an employee-first company. Only happy, professional and valued employees can perfect the customer experience, service and product delivery. 

Hoobrid's culture for clients and employees is based on trust, professionalism and constant learning. 

These values drive the company's mission to minimise customers' suffering in the transportation sector and constantly set new standards for client satisfaction and expectations of our industry.

Hoobrid's technician team


Ready, set, GO

Young entrepreneurs founded the company under the name LCV Baltic in 2020, beginning with small yet quick, and sure steps.


Making the portfolio

The product, service, and partnership portfolio was designed to provide a solid foundation for future growth. Compared to last year, the company increased by 1,000% in sales.


Further growth

The company's purpose and way of doing business became apparent, which helped to grow the company by 300% compared to last year in sales. Furthermore, to further establish itself as the leader of the commercial vehicle market, LCV Baltic successfully entered the heavy commercial vehicle market.



This year, the company was rebranded from LCV Baltic to Hoobrid to emphasise the company's and its team's transformation. In addition, Hoobrid launched the 3D configurator to make the customer experience more seamless.

Our Story

In 2020 young entrepreneurs Paulius Balčiūnas and Donatas Prekeris founded the company LCV Baltic. From the get-go, the duo constantly seeks to be at the avant-garde of the transport market by developing a business that provides market-creating products, services and solutions focusing on seamless, transparent and headache-free experiences for the clients.

Starting from the light commercial vehicle segment, the company quickly penetrated the medium and heavy commercial vehicle market and established itself as the leader in just under a year.

In 2022 as the company transformed into a fully developed market leader, the team decided to rebrand the company to Hoobrid to show the company's transformation externally.

Hoobrid seeks to encapsulate the spirit of innovation and audacity. Drawing from the Greek words "hubris", meaning extreme pride or self-confidence, and "hybrid", signifying the combination of two different elements, the name is a nod to the company's bold approach and dedication to creating groundbreaking, composite solutions. The fusion of these two concepts within the name Hoobrid powerfully communicates the company's commitment to pushing boundaries and harnessing disparate elements in novel ways.

The Hoobrid logo blends strict and technical design for reliability with plastic forms for flexibility. It represents the company's high standards, trustworthiness, and adaptability.

Hoobrid embodies the idea of daring innovation and flexible solutions, cohesively capturing the company's ethos and direction.

Paulius Balciunas and Donatas Prekeris standing on Renault Master van
Donatas Prekeris, the COO and co-founder of Hoobrid

Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer

Donatas Prekeris

Donatas has extensive experience in sales, marketing and strategy management from his previous positions. In addition, he has a degree in engineering, enabling him to look at our services from a 360-degree angle. Donatas' sales expertise has helped to develop effective commercial strategies resulting in the massive growth of Hoobrid.

Rokas Muningis, production manager at Hoobrid

Production Manager

Rokas Muningis

Rokas is in charge of managing the assembly procedure and making sure that production is effective and efficient. He is also in charge of overseeing the assembly crew and making sure that all products are put together in accordance with quality standards.

Mindaugas Rimkus, head electronics engineer at Hoobrid

Head Electronics Engineer

Mindaugas Rimkus

Automotive electronics and pneumatic systems are areas of expertise for Mindaugas. He is an expert in creating and putting these technologies into a variety of vehicles. 

Zilvinas Jazukevicius, head technical engineer at Hoobrid

Head Technical Engineer

Zilvinas Jazukevicius

Žilvinas is a technical professional with a focus on automotive hydraulic systems. He has extensive experience in designing and implementing hydraulic systems for various types of vehicles, including LCVs, trucks, and heavy machinery.

Kastytis Mickus, head production engineer at Hoobrid

Head Production Engineer

Kastytis Mickus

Metal production is a piece of cake for Kastytis. He has extensive knowledge and experience in welding, fabrication, and metalworking techniques, which allows him to create  and modificate high-quality products that meet the needs of our clients. 

Meet The Team

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