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Comprehensive Solutions for Transport

Hoobrid specializes in commercial vehicle conversions to meet specific requirements, resulting in a highly optimized and functional vehicle.

Hoobrid specializes in commercial vehicle conversions and offers customized solutions for clients seeking to modify their standard vans, van chassis, truck chassis or semi-trailers to meet specific requirements. These conversions may include practical improvements such as roof racks or van linings, internal transformations such as van refrigeration, integration of specialized equipment such as hydraulic cargo lifts and chassis conversions such as tarpaulin or box bodies. The result is a highly optimized and functional vehicle designed to meet the demands of various industries and lifestyles, delivering a tailored solution that exceeds expectations.

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Here are our latest deliveries

Passenger van conversion on Renault Master

Van conversions

Full-range van conversions for multi-passenger vans and commercial vehicles.
Passenger van conversion on Volkswagen Crafter


Extra seats in standard vans are ideal for businesses transporting people and cargo. Carpol's solutions include M1 and N1 category passenger van conversions with European homologation.

Passenger vans

Van mobility solution for VW Transporter


Tailored mobility solutions for individuals with disabilities, prioritizing safety, innovation, and functionality. Our commitment is to facilitate customer mobility, freedom and autonomy.

Mobility solutions for vans

Crew cab conversion on Fiat Ducato


Crew cabs combine functionality and comfort. Separate passenger and cargo spaces are designed to meet all your needs. The functions of passenger and freight transport are now at the highest level.

Crew cab vans

Refrigerated van conversion on Volkswagen Crafter


Refrigerated van conversion is a loyal partner for companies in the frozen or refrigerated food, beverage, catering, pharmaceutical industries, FMCG, logistics and distributors of vegetables, fruits and flowers.

Refrigerated vans

Zanotti / Daikin refrigeration system for Volkswagen Crafter


Having refrigeration systems installed in vans is essential for preserving the quality of temperature-sensitive goods, like food and pharmaceuticals, while they are being transported. This ensures that they arrive at their destination in the best possible condition.

Refrigeration systems for vans

Hydraulic van lift on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter


Van lifts provides optimum support when loading and unloading goods to transport pallets and trolleys in a van. It can deliver a load capacity of up to 600 kg. We also offer mobility lifts for disabled people transport.

Hydraulic lifts for vans

Mobile workshop with van racking on Mercedes-Benz Vito


Whatever your industry or trade, flexible van racking systems and accessories helps to make the most of the van’s interior space. Moreover, all our products are backwards-compatible, making extending and enhancing your van’s interior easier whenever you like.

Van rackings

Van linings in Toyota Proace


Van lining ensures the vehicle will last a long time, have a higher lasting value, and reliably protect the body and cargo from damage. Our customers receive an impeccably manufactured product that protects and aesthetically looks like it came with the van from the factory.

Van linings

Roof rack for a van


We provide a wide range of accessories for a van - roof racks, steps, ladders, towbars, rearview cameras, skid plates, pneumatic and non-pneumatic suspension systems, auxiliary heating and more.

Accessories for vans

Iveco Daily van chassis conversion with a box body from Hoobrid

Van chassis conversions

A complete line-up of commercial van chassis conversions.
Renault Master with non-insulated box body


These vehicle bodies can be fitted on platforms and van chassis up to 7.5 tonnes. Depending on the customer’s needs, we can create custom body configurations by adding additional equipment like side doors, tie-down tracks, etc.

Non-insulated and isothermal bodies for van chassis

Iveco Daily van chassis featuring rear sleeping cabin and a tarpaulin body from Hoobrid


We offer Carpol's tarpaulin bodies for cargo transport without temperature control that can be equipped with a sleeping cabin. If you don't need tarpaulin, dropside platform bodies have an open-box design for easy loading and unloading.

Tarpaulin and platform bodies for van chassis

BE-Combi's 3500PLUS system on Renault Master van chassis


The 3500PLUS System increases the gross weight of a van chassis from 3,500 kg to 7,000 kg, resulting in more payload and load volume. It's a practical solution for bridging the gap between a van and a truck.

BE-COMBI 3500PLUS System

Refrigeration system for van chassis on Volkswagen Crafter with Hoobrid's FRC body


Our refrigeration unit range provides robust and flexible refrigeration solutions for box vans. These systems ensure efficient, user-friendly transport of temperature-sensitive goods in light to medium vehicles.

Refrigeration systems for van chassis

Hydraulic lift on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van chassis


Our cargo lifts are perfect for transporting pallets and trolleys with a tarpaulin or box body. We offer a variety of lifts with loading capacities ranging from 750 to 1500 kg to make loading and unloading goods at multiple locations easy.

Hydraulic lifts for van chassis

Carpol's MAX top sleeping cabin for van chassis as an accessory


We offer a variety of van chassis accessories, including rearview cameras, skid plates, pneumatic and non-pneumatic suspension systems, auxiliary heating, sleeping cabins, spoilers, and more.

Accessories for van chassis

Volvo truck by Hoobrid

Truck, trailer and semi-trailer conversions

Truck, trailer and semi-trailer conversions of all sizes.
Non-insulated body and foldable hydraulic lift on Scania truck


FRC, FNA and non-insulated bodies that are suitable for all truck chassis and trailers. Based on the customer's specific needs, custom configurations are created.

Non-insulated and isothermal refrigerated bodies for trucks and trailers

Tarpaulin bodies on a Mercedes-Benz Truck and trailer


The tarpaulin protects the goods against the harmful effects of external factors. We choose each body element to make it as functional, durable, and light as possible.

Tarpaulin bodies for trucks and trailers

Daikin / Zanotti refrigeration system on a semi-trailer


Our refrigeration systems offer secure transportation for perishables in trucks and semi-trailers. We have adaptable and efficient solutions like the SFZ series and Exigo E1500.

Refrigeration systems for trucks, trailers and semi-trailers

Foldable hydraulic lift on a truck


Our cargo lifts are perfect for loading and unloading pallets and trolleys at various locations. We offer lifts with 1000-3000 kg capacities and can also customize them to meet specific needs.

Hydraulic lifts for trucks, trailers and semi-trailers

BDF body swap system on Volvo truck chassis


The BDF or "swap body" system is a transport solution that facilitates quick and efficient cargo exchange between different transport modes, reducing handling time and resources. It comprises a movable swap body and a transport-optimized BDF chassis.

BDF Swap body systems

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