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Quick look at accessories for vans

Volkswagen Caddy with lots of accessories

Accessories are an essential aspect of any commercial van. They improve the van's functionality, safety, and efficiency, while also making it more versatile and adaptable to different needs. For instance, accessories such as cargo management systems, van ramps, and auxiliary heating systems can increase productivity, reduce loading and unloading times, and provide a comfortable work environment for drivers and passengers. Additionally, accessories such as skid plates, tow bars, and rearview camera systems can improve the vehicle's safety and performance, protecting it from damage and ensuring that drivers have full visibility while on the road. 


We offer a wide range of accessories for every commercial van. We understand that each client's needs are unique, so we provide a range of specifications to cater to those specific needs. Our team of experts works closely with clients to understand their requirements and recommends the most suitable accessories to enhance the van's functionality, safety, and efficiency. As a result, we have a vast selection of hand-picked, high-quality accessories designed to meet the needs of any commercial van. With our focus on providing tailored solutions, clients can rest assured that they will get the right accessories to meet their needs and enhance their commercial van's performance.

Recent van accessory deliveries

Iveco Daily passenger van conversion with accesories for vans
Suspension systems

We offer pneumatic or coil suspension systems for transporting heavy goods for better vehicle handling and capabilities.

Roof systems

We offer racks, bars, ladder restraints, porte tubes, and auxilary cooling systems for the van's roof.

Equipment for the interior and cargo bay

For the vehicle's interior, we offer auxiliary heating systems and systems for cargo loading and securing.

Rear convenience

We offer rearview cameras, towbars, ladders,  steps, ramps and loading systems for the vehicle's rear.

Accessories for vans

Vital van accessories for professional business

Roof rack accessory on a van

Let's install Your van accessories

Look no further for accessories for vans! We are just a few clicks away and fully equipped to provide the necessary information and specifications.

Roof rack van accessory


Roof racks

Commercial vans often have limited interior space, and a roof rack allows for extra capacity without impeding the interior. This makes it an essential accessory for businesses that require the transportation of bulky or oversized items.

Ladder restraint system van accessory


Ladder restraints

These ladder restraints provide safe, secure and effortless ladder storage and handling. They eliminate the need to climb onto the vehicle's roof or stretch to store and secure ladders. Instead, they mount and dismount from the ground level's safety with minimal effort, thanks to gas ram-assisted lifting.

Roof bar van accessory


Roof bars

The high-tensile alloyed steel construction of roof bars makes it one of the market's most robust roof bar systems. Available for various commercial vehicles, their stylish and practical design means their roof bars enhance any van's appearance and storage capabilities.

Rear step van accessory



These steps significantly reduce body repair costs and vehicle downtime, which leads to significant savings, particularly across entire fleets. Steps are fitted with advanced shock-absorbing units and a special pivoting bracket that protects the vehicle from low-speed impacts to keep your van moving. It has also been designed with health and safety in mind – with a full-width design, large safety tread area and anti-slip surfaces.

Rear door ladder van accessory


Door ladders

Door ladders combine strength and style to provide one of the most aesthetically pleasing roof access products for commercial vehicles. By utilising highly robust aluminium handrails and glass-filled nylon rungs, the Aluminium ladders offers an extremely lightweight solution. Each model is more than 50% lighter than comparable steel ladders and has been rigorously tested to a safe working load of 120kg per ladder.

Porte tube system to transport pipes van accessory


Porte tubes

The Porte tube system is for the secure and safe transporting of copper pipe, plastic conduit and other lengthy materials. The design features an integral locking system and an added rubber seal to reduce water entering the tube. Professional commercial van users choose it for such features as a market-leading carry capacity, twin openings and complete professional crash testing and safety accreditation.

Towbar for a van



A tow bar for a van is an essential addition for anyone who needs to transport goods or equipment. With a tow bar, you can attach a trailer or caravan to your vehicle, allowing you to carry more cargo easily. This is particularly useful for businesses that need to move large or heavy items, such as construction companies, furniture stores, or event planners. In addition, by attaching a trailer to your van, you can transport all of your gear and equipment in one trip without having to make multiple trips back and forth.

Skid plate for a van


Skid plates

Skid plates are a vital accessory for commercial vehicles that operate on rough terrain or off-road conditions. Our skid plates protect the vehicle's undercarriage from damage caused by rocks, debris, or other obstacles encountered while driving. They're made of durable materials, such as steel or aluminium, that can withstand impact and prevent expensive repairs. With skid plates installed, drivers can have peace of mind, knowing their vehicle is protected from damage during rough terrain driving. 

Auxiliary heating system for a van


Auxiliary heating systems

Auxiliary heating systems are valuable for commercial vans operating in cold or damp weather conditions. The systems work independently of the van's engine and provide warmth to the van's interior or cargo space without running the engine. This saves fuel and reduces engine wear, making it an economical and practical solution for businesses operating in cold climates. Our auxiliary heating systems are available in various models and can be easily installed in most commercial vans. They are an excellent addition to mobile workshops to keep warm. Additionally, an auxiliary heating system can improve driver and passenger comfort, particularly in early mornings or late nights when the van may have been sitting idle for an extended period. 

Auxiliary cooling system for a van


Auxiliary cooling systems

An auxiliary cooling system is a useful addition to commercial vans that are used for passenger transport. The system works in tandem with the van's existing cooling system to provide additional cooling capacity as needed, ensuring that passengers remain comfortable even in hot weather conditions. With an auxiliary cooling system installed, drivers can focus on providing a safe and comfortable ride for their passengers, without the worry of overheating or discomfort due to high temperatures.

MAD pneumatic suspension system for a van


MAD Pneumatic suspension systems

Air suspension systems are an excellent addition to commercial vehicles, offering improved comfort, stability, and safety under all circumstances. Our range includes auxiliary air springs and complete air suspension systems to suit your needs. The auxiliary air springs work in combination with the vehicle's original suspension, providing support in a maximum range from empty to loaded. This ensures the desired comfort, stability, and safety under all circumstances. On the other hand, the full air suspension system replaces the vehicle's original suspension and can be set to the desired ride height once via the height sensor. The system then automatically regulates itself, providing optimal comfort, stability, and convenience.

MAD coil suspension system for a van


MAD Coil suspension systems

This range includes auxiliary springs, reinforced main springs, and lift springs. Auxiliary coil springs are placed in or next to the existing main springs, providing additional support from a certain loading level. Reinforced main or heavy-duty springs are the best solution if the suspension system has to carry a constant heavy load, making them particularly suitable for vehicles that are always heavily loaded or often driven off-road. For those looking to create more ground clearance, our lift springs are the ideal solution for vehicles used off-road. Lift springs replace the front and rear springs, providing the necessary lift for improved off-road performance.

MAD easy load system for a van


MAD EasyLoad system

MAD EasyLoad offers a safe, efficient solution for loading and unloading heavy cargo with a single person. Designed to fit nearly all commercial vehicles, EasyLoad offers benefits like avoiding back problems, minimising unplanned downtime, and reducing consequential costs typically associated with heavy lifting. The system is optimal for ensuring safe work conditions while maintaining nearly the entire loading space of the van. Two basic versions of EasyLoad are available, designed for loads up to 250 kg and 500 kg, with specialised versions for tasks like working below ground level.

Rear view camera system accessory for a van


Rear view cameras

A rear-view camera system is an essential addition to any commercial van. It provides added safety when reversing, parking, or manoeuvring in tight spaces. With a rear-view camera system installed, drivers can have a clear view of what's behind them, reducing the risk of accidents or collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians, or objects. This is particularly useful for businesses transporting goods or equipment in busy urban areas, construction sites, or loading docks. 

Foldable van ramp for easy rear access


Van ramps

Van ramps are essential for safely and conveniently loading and unloading heavy equipment and goods from a commercial van. Our ramps are durable, available in various lengths and weight capacities, and increase productivity for businesses transporting such items. They're also helpful for individuals who use their van for recreational purposes, such as carrying motorcycles or ATVs. Overall, van ramps are a practical and essential accessory for any commercial van owner.

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