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Maximize your van's space and functionality with System Edström's high-quality van racking solutions. Rigorously crash-tested to meet UK and European safety standards, their shelves, tool boxes, and holders ensure safety and productivity. Enjoy a five-year warranty when installed by Hoobrid. Choose System Edström for a mobile workshop on the go.

Quick look at mobile workshops for vans


Our mobile workshop systems are customisable to fit any vehicle. We use 3D space software to tailor the solution to your needs and offer ready-made racking sets for inspiration. For detailed specifications, refer to our brochures.

General van racking brochure - different sizes and options

Flexi foldable shelf system brochure

Vehicle-specific brochures:

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MAN logo
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Maxus logo
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Constant improvements

Check out the latest advancements from System Edström in weight reduction, as they consistently deliver new products and improvements.


Crash testing

Have you seen how seriously System Edström prioritizes product safety? They conduct crash testing during the development of their products to ensure maximum safety.


Flexi foldable shelf system

Take a moment to witness the ease and functionality of the Flexi foldable shelf system by System Edström.


Carlock for extra security

Are you transporting valuable tools in your van? Consider using System Edström's Carlock to ensure your van's doors remain secure.

System Edström's van racking motion


Recent van racking deliveries

Mobile workshop in a small van
Endless possibilities

Our van racking offer is suitable for all types of vehicles, including passenger cars, small, medium, and large vans, as well as pickups. With a 5-year warranty and a modular system that can adapt to your business's growth, it becomes an indispensable companion.

Exterior accessories

To fully capture the capabilities of your mobile workshop, we offer accessories such as rear-view cameras, pneumatic suspensions and more.

Equipment for the interior 

We provide a wide range of van accessories including van linings, LED lighting, auxiliary heating systems, and many more System Edström's accessories to enhance the interior of your vehicle.

Safety first

System Edström conducts rigorous crash tests on all of their products according to the ECE 17-07 and iNRS NS286 standards in the UK and Europe.

Mobile workshops for vans

Professional's van racking

Mobile workshop in a van with System Edstrom by Hoobrid

Let's install Your van racking and mobile workshop

Look no further for van rackings and mobile workshops! We are just a few clicks away and fully equipped to provide the necessary information and specifications.

System Edström van racking


A flexible system that has everything

Discover System Edström's durable shelves, tool boxes, and pegboards in different sizes to perfectly fit your van. This versatile system adapts to the needs of your growing business - it can constantly be expanded by adding new shelves, boxes and other accessories, ensuring that all your tools and equipment are always within reach today and tomorrow.

System Edström mobile workshop


Making a mobile workshop

Easily enhance your work efficiency both inside and outside your van with our versatile folding or extendable workbenches, equipped with a fixed or extendable vice. Additionally, we offer an array of internal and external lighting options to ensure optimal working conditions, regardless of the environment.

System Edström accessories for a van racking


Clever accessories

Check our plastic bins with handles and lids, toolboxes with dividers, and pegboards with universal hooks for tools, trays, and more. We even have a ladder holder for van ceilings.

3D visualisation of a mobile workshop


Perfect fit for Your needs

Let's work together to create your ideal racking system using our 3D drawing tool.

System Edström flexi foldable shelf system


Flexi foldable shelf system

Looking for increased flexibility? The Flexi system has got you covered. This foldable shelf system is designed to carry small packages when unfolded, while also providing ample space for larger volume goods when folded.

System Edström's peg board


Made in Sweden

The products of System Edström are crafted, innovated, and produced in Sweden - a renowned symbol of excellence.

System Edström's mobile workshop in a van


Five-year warranty

System Edström racking products have a five-year warranty, provided Hoobrid installs them. With over 65 years of experience in the industry, System Edström is an expert in van racking.

Crash test


Crash test proven

System Edström makes sure their van racking systems are safe by following international standards and working with independent testing institutes. For example, system Edström recently did a crash test with RISE where we loaded the shelves with weights and crashed into a concrete wall at 50 km/hour. System Edström test with heavier weights than the NS286 standard to simulate real-life situations.

Features of the System Edström's van racking

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