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We aim to provide van equipment that facilitates the daily activity of people with disabilities. Our products are safe, innovative and, most importantly, functional. We make each specification strictly based on the customer's requirements resulting in a fully customised and practical vehicle.

Quick look at mobility solutions


Mobility solutions can be applied to all small, medium and large vans. As optional equipment, we can integrate various ramps, lifts, auxiliary heating, cooling systems, etc.

Take a look at the mobility lift brochures:

AMF-Bruns AL1 SOLID mobility lift

AMF-Bruns AL1 SPLIT mobility lift

AMF-Bruns AL1 PANORAMA mobility lift

Volkswagen passenger van mobility conversion with a ramp for wheelchairs
AMF-Bruns AL1 Solid linear van lift for wheelchair access


AL1 Solid linear van lift

The AL1 Solid Linear Lift stands out for its safety measures that are tailored to prevent underride accidents, enabled by its automatic roll-over flap. The Solid's unique selling point is its see-through platform design, which ensures an excellent rear view when the lift is unused. Another key advantage of the Solid model is the availability of three standard platform choices. For even more convenience, it can be customized with LED platform lights.

AMF-Bruns AL1 split linear van lift for wheelchair access


AL1 Split linear van lift

The distinguishing feature of the AL1 Split Linear Lift is its unique two-part platform that unfolds to form an overall platform. This split design facilitates unimpeded access to the passenger compartment and provides a clear view. Depending on the vehicle model, it is adaptable and suitable for rear and side entry. This model also offers the customization option of LED platform lights.

AMF-Bruns AL1 panorama linear van lift for wheelchair access


AL1 Panorama linear van lift

The AL1 Panorama Linear Lift sets itself apart with its ability to fit large platforms into vehicles with low interior heights, thanks to its unique panorama platform. Despite its large lifting platform, the Panorama collapses to about half its total length when stowed, requiring less space when upright in the vehicle. The Panorama does not offer the LED platform lights option, distinguishing it from the Solid and Split models.

Features of the mobility lifts


AL1 Solid linear van lift operation

Take a look at how AMF-Bruns AL1 Solid linear van lift operates.


AL1 Split linear van lift operation

Take a look at how AMF-Bruns AL1 Split linear van lift operates.


AL1 Panorama van lift operation

Take a look at how AMF-Bruns AL1 Panorama linear van lift operates.

Mobility lifts in motion

Recent mobility conversion deliveries

Toyota Proace mobility conversion for wheelchair access with foldable rear ramp
Homologated solutions

Our mobility solutions undergo rigorous testing and homologation to ensure they are safe and reliable for everyday use.

Exterior accessories

To fully capture the capabilities of your mobility van we offer accessories such as rear-view cameras, pneumatic suspensions and more.

Passenger van mobility conversion

We are proud to offer a fully developed mobility van that combines our passenger van conversion and mobility solutions.

Entrance options

For rear convenience, we offer ramps and hydraulic lifts.

Mobility solutions for vans

Don't stop moving

Volkswagen Multivan with tie-down mobility solution from Hoobrid

Let's install Your mobility solutions for a van

Look no further for mobility solutions for vans! We are just a few clicks away and fully equipped to provide the necessary information and specifications.

Wheelchair tie-down system in a van


Tie-down systems

Carpol's tie-down system for wheelchairs in a van ensures the safety and stability of passengers who use wheelchairs during transit. This system includes four straps that anchor the wheelchair to the vehicle's floor and a safety belt for the occupant. The tie-downs are adjustable and easy to use, often utilising a ratchet or tension mechanism to secure the wheelchair.

Wheelchair docking station for a van


Docking stations

The wheelchair docking system provides safe and adaptable transportation options for individuals who use wheelchairs. All docking station systems meet strict EU safety regulations for vehicles and are TÜV certified. They can securely accommodate different types of manual and powered wheelchairs and seats with an integrated 3-point safety belt.

Wheelchair combi ramp system for a van


Combi ramps

Looking for a lightweight solution for wheelchair accessibility? Combi ramps are the perfect choice.

Wheelchair folding ramps for a van


Folding ramps

Folding ramps are a practical option for wheelchair transport due to their stability and durability during use.

Wheelchair lift


Wheelchair lifts

For those who transport wheelchairs daily, it is advisable to use lifts. These lifts are sturdy and equipped with a reliable motor for smooth operation.

Rear cut floor conversion for easy wheelchair access into a small van


Rear cut floor conversion

The rear cut floor conversion offers easy accessibility for wheelchair users, featuring a spacious cabin due to a lowered floor and a non-slip access ramp. It ensures safety with restraint systems and head & backrest. The vehicle provides optional convertible loading space and foldable seats for flexibility and convenience. 

Rectractable step for people with reduced mobility


Retractable steps

The retractable step that helps people with reduced mobility enter a vehicle is commonly used in accessible vehicles.

Auxiliary heating system for a van


Auxiliary heating and cooling

Independent heating and cooling systems can significantly enhance your travel comfort, regardless of the weather conditions.

Wheelchair with a tie-down strap system in a van


Easy maitenance

When it comes to the components that Carpol implements in its van mobility solutions, they are typically thermoformed using ABS material. Carpol's ABS and eco-leather parts are simple to disinfect and keep clean.

Volkswagen Crafter 9 seater and mobility conversion van


Comprehensive solutions

Are you looking for a complete passenger van? Passenger van conversions, combined with mobility solutions, can provide you with a fully-equipped mobility passenger van.

Features of the mobility conversions

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