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Citroen Jumper with a Tarpaulin Conversion

We are excited to showcase one of our recent deliveries - a Citroen Jumper equipped with a state-of-the-art tarpaulin conversion.

Why Tarpaulins? Tarpaulins are not just sheets of material; they are dynamic cargo solutions that provide the perfect balance between protection and accessibility. With Carpol's innovative lightweight aluminium platform, accessing your cargo becomes a breeze, while the sturdy tarpaulin ensures that your goods remain protected from the elements.

Key Features of Carpol’s Tarpaulin Conversion:

  • Lightweight & Durable Construction: Built from anodized aluminium profiles, Carpol’s tarpaulin bodies are resistant to corrosion, making them a long-lasting choice.

  • Versatility for All Van Chassis: Whether it's a Ford Transit, Volkswagen Crafter, or a Citroen Jumper like our recent delivery, Carpol’s platform and tarpaulin bodies can fit any van chassis.

  • Customizability: From driver's cab covers to quick-detachable rear pillars, Carpol offers a plethora of options to customize as per transportation needs.

  • Safety: All Carpol conversions meet European safety standards, ensuring reliability on the road.

But the magic doesn’t stop at tarpaulins. For those who embark on cross-European drives, we offer a tarpaulin body with a top sleeping cabin, ensuring both utility and comfort. And for the driver's rest and fuel efficiency, there's the option of a rear sleeping cabin.

Our collaboration with Carpol ensures that we provide vehicles that deliver more than just cargo; they deliver trust, reliability, and unmatched quality. The constant access to spare parts ensures that the vehicles remain on the move, minimizing downtime.

Whether it's for city drives, cross-European adventures, or specialized transport needs, our tarpaulin conversions are ready to serve.

Interested in enhancing your fleet or getting more details? Send us an inquiry.


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