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Hoobrid's transformational 3 years

Hoobrid logo

🎉 Yesterday, we celebrated a milestone in our journey - our 3rd birthday 🎂!

Today, we are thrilled to announce our evolution from LCV Baltic to Hoobrid. As we expand our operations from Lithuania to the entire Nordic Europe region, our rebranding signifies our ethos's evolution and readiness to embrace the future.

From day one, we have been driven by a quest for innovation, practicality, and cost-effectiveness. We've never seen products as 'things' but as physical manifestations of our values. Our new identity reflects our expanded vision as we've grown beyond the Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) sector and the Baltic sector.

Introducing, Hoobrid - a name that embraces the spirit of audacity and innovation. Derived from the Greek words "hubris", signifying extreme self-confidence, and "hybrid", indicating a combination of two elements, Hoobrid speaks of our daring approach and commitment to creating cutting-edge, combined solutions.

Our new logo reflects this ethos, too - the fusion of a rigid, technical design symbolizing our reliability and plastic shapes showcasing our adaptability. It signifies our high standards, reliability, and agility to adapt to changing needs.

As Hoobrid, we represent the bold, innovative, and flexible solutions that you've grown to trust us for. We aim to continue pushing boundaries, innovatively using diverse elements, and delivering the best commercial vehicle solutions in the Nordic Europe region.

Here's to a new journey as Hoobrid 🥂! We look forward to serving you in an even better and more innovative way. Your support has brought us this far, and we are excited to embark on this new chapter with you.


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