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Tarpaulin body conversion on an Iveco Daily van chassis

For this Iveco Daily van chassis owner, we delivered a specialized transformation: a platform body crowned with a durable tarpaulin construction. But what's so special about a tarpaulin body?

Tarpaulin bodies are known for their flexibility and adaptability. Comprising a strong, weather-resistant fabric stretched over the frame, they offer protection against external elements while ensuring ease of access for cargo. Ideal for businesses that need quick loading and unloading or those transporting sensitive items, tarpaulin bodies provide a blend of security and convenience.

This custom-built addition doesn't just end at the tarpaulin: it also boasts a streamlined spoiler to enhance fuel efficiency and an integrated towbar for extended hauling capabilities.

Redefine your delivery game with adaptable solutions. Dive into our portfolio to see more transformations tailored to diverse needs here:


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