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Quick look at refrigerated vans

Refrigerated van conversion in Volkswagen Crafter

A refrigerated van (isothermal van conversion) is ideal for transporting goods at specific temperatures. It is light, airtight, and built with the highest quality. The best insulation parameters on the market will be your valuable asset while operating in the catering, food, pharmaceutical and logistics industries.


This is  a new type of insulation, which adheres tightly to the entire surface of thermoformed elements made of ABS. The PFHP material clings to the internal shape of the base vehicle's body, eliminating potential thermal bridges. Thermal imaging camera tests confirmed that refrigerated van conversions meet the highest industry standards. The cargo area and the refrigeration unit can be customised to your needs.

Refrigerated van surfaces


ABS with PMMA surface

The PMMA layer that covers the ABS prevents the possible growth of mould or fungi. In addition, the material is resistant to cleaning agents, which ensures sanitary safety in contact with food products.

Refrigerated van conversion floor options


Floor options

Four types of floors are available: smooth for transporting dry goods, non-slip screed for transporting fish and meat, removable non-slip mat for easy and accurate cleaning and tread plate for transporting heavy goods.

Refrigerated van U-shape floor


U-shape floor

The rolled-up sides of the floor partially take over the cargo load so that the refrigerated van conversion does not lose its airtightness, and the floor shape ensures 100% water tightness even during long and intensive use.

Cargo rails in refrigerated van conversion


Cargo rails

You can choose handles, bars, belts, spreader bars, and shelves depending on your business needs. In addition, you can install cargo tracks at any time when using the converted vehicle.

Refrigerated van with multi temperature option


Multi temperature

Multi-temperature option for isothermal vans allows the simultaneous transport of goods at different temperatures. They are commonly used in the food industry to transport various products in a single trip.

Refrigerated van's service access doors


Service access doors

Every detail is thought out, and every isotherm is equipped with openings left for servicing the vehicle in the future.

Take a look at equipment

Iveco Daily van with Hoobrid's refrigerated van conversion

Let's make Your refrigerated van

Look no further for refrigerated van conversions! We are just a few clicks away and fully equipped to provide the necessary information and specifications.

The interior of a refrigerated van after the conversion
Various floor options

Depending on your business needs we can offer different floors for your specific requirements.

ABS boards with PMMA surface

These surfaces are resistant to cleaning agents, which ensures sanitary safety in contact with food.

U-shape floor

The floor is in the shape of a bathtub. The curved sides on each wall guarantee 100% water tightness even during long and intensive use.

Any cooling unit

We offer every brand of refrigeration for our clients, whether it is Zanotti, Carrier, Thermo-King or any other.

Refrigerated van conversions

Professional refrigerated van for professional business

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