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Although we primarily offer Daikin refrigeration systems, other brands can be provided.


Daikin has provided climate control solutions and air conditioning for 90 years. Their Transport Refrigeration range offers reliable and efficient solutions for different applications and vehicle types, minimising ownership costs while maintaining high-quality standards.


Explore our SFZ and Zero refrigeration units for efficient and reliable refrigeration in box vans and commercial vehicles. Both series are built for quiet operation and easy installation, ensuring your products stay at the ideal temperature on the go.

Quick look at refrigeration systems for van chassis


Our SFZ and Zero ranges offer a variety of configurations for evaporators and fans, catering to different vehicle types and applications. The Zero Range has models with various temperature requirements, and we also provide Zero Electric choices that deliver effective cooling while minimising environmental impact. Both series have a user-friendly cabin driver interface for real-time monitoring and control. Find the perfect combination of versatility, design, and functionality with our SFZ and Zero ranges.

Take a look at Daikin refrigeration systems range for van chassis.

Courier using Iveco Daily FRC body with Zanotti/Daikin van chassis refrigeration system


Zero range

Unveiling the Daikin Zero Range: Versatile, Quiet, and Efficient Refrigeration Units. Step into the world of our innovative refrigeration solutions designed for small to medium commercial vehicles.


Electric range

Electric van refrigeration systems, such as the Invisible Electric and Zero Electric ranges, offer efficient cooling while reducing environmental impact. Powered by a reliable battery-inverter pack, these systems are compatible with full-electric, hybrid, and conventional vehicles. 

Daikin refrigeration systems in motion

Recent van chassis refrigeration system deliveries

Volkswagen Crafter van chassis with refrigeration system for van chassis
Great combo with our FRC, FNA or insulated bodies

Daikin refrigeration systems go hand in hand with our FRC, FNA and insulated bodies.

Exterior accessories

To fully capture the capabilities of your refrigerated box van, we offer accessories such as rear-view cameras, pneumatic suspensions and more.

2 range options

We have two primary ranges for box vans - Zero for smaller bodies and SFZ for medium to large bodies.

Ultra-thin evaporators

Daikin box van refrigeration systems optimize space, energy, and weight. They're innovative, efficient, and cost-effective without sacrificing quality.

Refrigeration systems for van chassis

Box van refrigeration made easy

Zanotti / Daikin refrigeration system mounted by Hoobrid

Let's install Your refrigeration system for the van chassis

Look no further for refrigeration systems for van chassis! We are just a few clicks away and fully equipped to provide the necessary information and specifications.

Daikin/Zanotti Zero range van chassis refrigeration system


Zero range - powerful refrigeration

Daikin Zero Range refrigeration units for small and medium commercial vehicles operate quietly and have a user-friendly interface. We offer different models, including the Multi, with extra evaporators for products with different temperature requirements. Daikin also has electric-powered options in the Zero Electric Range.

Daikin/Zanotti Zero range van chassis refrigeration system on Iveco Daily


SFZ range - the choice for light-medium trucks

The SFZ Series delivers efficient, robust refrigeration for medium-sized boxes on light to medium trucks. It features easy-to-install, nose-mounted units and includes the SFZ Multi-Temp range for transporting goods with varying temperature requirements, all monitored via a user-friendly interface for optimal temperature control.

Daikin/Zanotti Zero range refrigeration system on a van


Italian design, Japanese Engineering

Daikin's advanced climate control technology and refrigeration expertise result in an Italian-designed refrigeration system for van chassis that epitomizes functionality and aesthetic elegance. Mirroring the principles of Italian design, Daikin blends clean lines, durability, and user-friendliness, presenting a product that is as stylish as it is efficient.

Zanotti SFZ series refrigeration system for van chassis


Ultra-thin evaporators

Daikin refrigeration systems for van chassis incorporate thin evaporators, allowing for efficient use of space, energy, and weight reduction. The compact design improves airflow, reduces weight, and increases fuel efficiency, resulting in significant cost savings. Innovative design enhances practicality, functionality, and efficiency without sacrificing quality.

Features of the Daikin van chassis refrigeration systems

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