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Although we primarily offer Daikin refrigeration systems, other brands can be provided.


Daikin has provided climate control solutions and air conditioning for 90 years. Their Transport Refrigeration range offers reliable and efficient solutions for different applications and vehicle types, minimizing ownership costs while maintaining high-quality standards.

Quick look at refrigeration systems for vans


The Invisible and Zero range offer efficient and discreet refrigeration systems for vans, featuring quick installation, multiple temperature zones, heating modes, external power supply options, defrost mode and real-time temperature monitoring. In addition, the Invisible Electric and Zero Electric models provide eco-friendly operations compatible with full-electric, hybrid, or conventional vehicles.


General van refrigeration system range brochure

Electric van-specific refrigeration system brochure

Hoobrid's refrigerated van conversion with Daikin/Zanotti Zero series refrigeration system


Invisible series

The Invisible series provides discreet and efficient refrigeration systems for vans installed under the vehicle chassis for aesthetics and aerodynamics. They offer various refrigeration capacities and are ideal for space-saving solutions.


Electric range

Electric van refrigeration systems, such as the Invisible Electric and Zero Electric ranges, offer efficient cooling while reducing environmental impact. Powered by a reliable battery-inverter pack, these systems are compatible with full-electric, hybrid, and conventional vehicles. 


Zero series

Unveiling the Daikin Zero Range: Versatile, Quiet, and Efficient Refrigeration Units. Step into the world of our innovative refrigeration solutions designed for small to medium commercial vehicles.

Daikin refrigeration systems in motion

Zanotti/Daikin Zero series refrigeration unit on a Renault Master refrigerated van conversion by Hoobrid
Great combo with our insulation conversion

Daikin refrigeration systems go hand in hand with our refrigerated van conversion.

Exterior accessories

To fully capture the capabilities of your refrigerated van, we offer accessories such as rear-view cameras, pneumatic suspensions and more.

2 mounting options

Our diverse refrigeration systems allow customers to choose their preferred mounting location. Whether you prioritize aesthetics or functionality, we have units that can be mounted under the vehicle chassis or on top to suit your specific needs best.

Ultra-thin evaporators

Daikin van refrigeration systems optimize space, energy, and weight. They're innovative, efficient, and cost-effective without sacrificing quality.

Refrigeration systems for vans

Van refrigeration systems for refrigerated vans made easy

Renault Trafic with Zanotti / Daikin Zero refrigeration system for vans

Let's install Your van refrigeration system

Look no further for van refrigeration systems! We are just a few clicks away and fully equipped to provide the necessary information and specifications.

Daikin/Zanotti invisible range series refrigeration system for vans


Invisible range - discreet and aerodynamic

Daikin refrigeration systems, like SFZ007, SFZ008, and SFZ009, are installed under vehicles for a sleek design and quiet operation. The SFZ009 Multi offers dual temperature zones. Their electric range, like SFZ009e Multi, produces zero emissions and fits various vehicles.

Zanotti/Daikin Zero range refrigeration unit in an refrigerated Iveco Daily van conversion by Hoobrid


Zero range - powerful refrigeration

Daikin Zero Range refrigeration units for small commercial vehicles operate quietly and have a user-friendly interface. We offer different models, including the Multi, with extra evaporators for products with different temperature requirements. Daikin also has electric-powered options in the Zero Electric Range.

Zanotti/Daikin refrigeration system on a small van


Italian design, Japanese Engineering

Daikin's advanced climate control technology and refrigeration expertise result in an Italian-designed refrigeration system for vans that epitomizes functionality and aesthetic elegance. Mirroring the principles of Italian design, Daikin blends clean lines, durability, and user-friendliness, presenting a product that is as stylish as it is efficient.

Daikin/Zanotti refrigeration systems's evaporator inside refrigerated van conversion by Hoobrid


Ultra-thin evaporators

Daikin refrigeration systems for vans incorporate thin evaporators, allowing for efficient use of space, energy, and weight reduction. The compact design improves airflow, reduces weight, and increases fuel efficiency, resulting in significant cost savings. Innovative design enhances practicality, functionality, and efficiency without sacrificing quality.

Features of the Daikin van refrigeration systems

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