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Quick look at van linings


Kore® van linings are made of certified Finnish plywood, coated with a hard-wearing overlay, and machined to fit the most common van models on the European market. They are designed, manufactured, and delivered according to customer needs, making them strong, durable, and comfortable.


We offer Kore® van linings for all European van models, with various materials and thicknesses available for floors, side linings, wheel arches, and ceilings. Please check out the specifications below.

Kore van lining floor options


Floor options

All our floors are made from sustainably sourced Finnish birch wood, have a low carbon footprint, and are renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. Our floor includes 9 and 12-mm thickness options for plastic - 10 mm. The top layers are coated with a hard-wearing overlay. In addition, we offer dark brown, silver grey, granite with a wire mesh surface pattern, plastic-coated and aluminium options.

Kore van lining side options


Side lining options

Whether your choice is super strong plywood or lightweight plastic, the panels come ready-machined and pre-drilled to suit all common van types. Our van linings and ceilings contribute to a pleasant working environment and increase your van’s resale value. The lining protects your cargo space from bumps and dents and keeps the load space neat and hygienic. Our options include uncoated plywood, polypropylene (PP) coating in grey colour with 4 or 6.5 mm options or PP honeycomb plastic panels.

Kore van lining floor for electric vehicle


Floors for electric vehicles

For electric vehicles, our floors include electric vehicle servicing hatches.

Kore van lining airline rail integration in the floor


Airline rail integration in the floors

For professional users, we offer floors with airline rails in the floors for cargo securing directly to the floor. With Your requests in mind, our engineers will implement an airline rail solution as requested.

Kore van lining aluminium edge protection and integrated lashing points in the floor


Aluminium edge protection and integrated lashing points

To ensure the floor's longevity, rear and side door positions are integrated with non-slip aluminium edge protection. All the original lashing points of the floor are integrated into the floor with metal lashing cups. This solution ensures that the original lashing points can be used, and integration in the floors allows for unbothered loading and use of the floor space. These integrated aluminium trims and lashing points are standard on all of our floors.

Kore van lining plastic wheel arch covers


Plastic wheel arch covers

With the traditional plywood box-type wheel arch covers, we also offer 3 mm HD-PE plastic wheel arch covers that are made to fit the vehicle's original wheel arch snuggly. This ensures that the critical cargo space is spared and the protection of the arch is still guaranteed.

A person is installing Kore van lining


Do it Yourself

For individuals and dealerships, we also offer a do-it-yourself kit. In the kit, you will receive the instructions and all the accessories required. These kits can be installed at any location. All you need is basic hand tools. If any issues arise, a complementary technician's help is offered. Check out our online shop to find Your van linings.

Fleet of vehicles with mounted Kore van lining


On site mounting

For busy individuals, dealerships and companies, we offer free on-site mounting of the linings. We ship the materials directly to the customer, or our mobile team arrives with the assembly kit.

Take a look at equipment

Recent van linings

Fiat Ducato with Kore van linings
Side linings

We offer different materials for side linings, including 4 and 6.5 mm thickness options.

Various floor options

We offer different floor options for various applications. Our floors include 9 and 12-mm options, and all of our floors have non-slip aluminium inlays for the rear and side doors and original floor lashing holes are integrated into the floors.

Various wheel arch covers

We offer two types of wheel arch covers - 3 mm HD-PE plastic covers that surround the arch ideally or 12 mm plywood box-type covers that are the most durable


To have full coverage of the cargo bay we offer linings for the ceiling.

Van linings

Van linings for the secure cargo bay

Kore van lining floor Chipboard dark brown option


ChipBoard dark brown

Are you searching for an economical and chic flooring option for the interior of your van? If so, ChipBoard floors may be the perfect solution for you. The dark brown ChipBoard flooring, available in 12mm, is economical and stylish. However, it is best suited for dry cargo that is light. The phenolic film on the dark brown floor weighs 220g/m3.

Kore van lining floor KoskiCrown dark brown option


KoskiCrown dark brown plywood

Looking for a reliable and stylish flooring solution for your van interiors? Look no further than KoskiCrown dark brown plywood. With options of 9mm and 12mm, this sturdy material is perfect for heavy-duty van usage. The dark brown floor phenolic film weighs 220g/m3 and is crafted from robust Finnish birch plywood.

Kore van lining floor KoskiCrown silver-grey option


KoskiCrown silver-grey plywood

KoskiCrown offers a sophisticated and durable flooring solution for van linings with its silver-grey plywood. The 9mm and 12mm options are specifically designed to withstand the wear and tear of frequent van usage. The phenolic film used for the silver-grey floor is 440g/m3, which is twice as dense as the dark brown floor option.

Kore van lining floor KoskiDeck granite option


KoskiDeck granite plywood

If you're searching for long-lasting van flooring with a film coating that's utilized in OEM Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz vehicles, consider KoskiDeck Granite. This product is crafted from high-quality Finnish birch plywood and comes in both 9mm and 12mm thicknesses. It features a slip-resistant wire mesh pattern and is highly resistant to chemicals and moisture. Additionally, it boasts a sleek and professional finish.

Kore van lining floor KoskiDuo plywood option


KoskiDuo plywood

Introducing the KoskiDuo Floor, a durable and hygienic interior van flooring solution made of high-quality Finnish birch plywood and slip-resistant polypropylene coating. Its elastic material is resistant to wear and tear, easy to clean, and maintains its colour in any weather condition. The Duo floor's robust construction ensures longevity and adaptability. Available only in 12 mm thickness.

Kore van lining floor honeycomb plastic option


Honeycomb plastic

Polypropylene Floors would be an excellent option if your primary concern is having a lightweight floor. They are designed with a honeycomb structure and have a modern silver-grey colour. The weight of these floors is only 4.4 kg/m2, and they have a thickness of 10mm.

Floor options and specifications

Kore van lining side and ceiling KoskiStandart uncoated plywood option


KoskiStandart uncoated plywood

KoskiStandard's all-purpose plywood panels are durable and versatile, perfect for van linings. Made from eco-friendly wood, the alternating grain direction enhances strength and resists splitting and warping. The 4mm and 6.5mm thicknesses are widely recognized for their weight-strength properties, complying with safety and quality standards. These panels are also moldable, providing flexibility in fitting various van models and specifications. They are puncture-resistant, have excellent temperature resistance, and offer good noise-reduction properties.

Kore van lining side and ceiling KoskiFutura coated plywood option


KoskiFutura coated plywood

KoskiFutura's grey plywood with polypropylene coating is available in 4mm and 6.5mm thicknesses, offering puncture resistance, sound noise reduction, and temperature resistance. The panels are UV-resistant, chlorine derivative-free, and environmentally friendly. They meet several safety and quality standards, including fire classification. 

Kore van lining side and ceiling Honeycomb plastic option


Honeycomb plastic​

Our panels are made of structured polypropylene (PP) honeycomb material that is 100% recyclable. With a thickness of 4mm and a weight of only 1.5kg/m², our product is lightweight and easy to handle. Additionally, it is highly resistant to common chemicals, water, and moisture, making it a durable and reliable choice for various applications.

Side and ceiling lining options and specifications

Van lining floor inside a Volkswagen Caddy

Let's install Your van linings

Look no further for van linings! We are just a few clicks away and fully equipped to provide the necessary information and specifications.

Kore van lining plastic wheel arch covers


Plastic wheel arch covers

With the traditional plywood box-type wheel arch covers, we also offer 3 mm HD-PE plastic wheel arch covers that are made to fit the vehicle's original wheel arch snuggly. This ensures that the critical cargo space is spared and the protection of the arch is still guaranteed.

Kore van lining box-type plywood wheel arch covers


Box-type plywood arch covers

If the question is how to ensure the wheel arch will be 100% secure and space-saving is not a priority, we offer 12 mm box-type wheel arch covers. They are available in all floor plywood materials, ensuring they match the floors.

Wheel arch cover options and specifications

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