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Quick look at hydraulic cargo lifts for vans

BAR Van lift in usage

Although we primarily offer Bär and AMF-Bruns lifts, other brands can be offered.


Bär Cargolift and AMF-Bruns excel in creating versatile, innovative solutions for van loading and wheelchair accessibility. Bär's VanLift models handle diverse loads, with FreeAccess ensuring unimpeded access and the Standard model optimizing for high-capacity tasks. AMF-Bruns' AL1 series enhances wheelchair accessibility and medium-sized van loading with four distinct models catering to varied needs.


Together, Bär and AMF-Bruns provide a range of lifts boosting efficiency, safety, and accessibility in van operations.


  • Bär VanLift

    • ​Ford Transit

    • Iveco Daily

    • MAN TGE

    • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

    • Renault / Renault Trucks Master

    • Stellantis X250 platform (Ducato, Jumper, Movano C, Boxer)

    • Volkswagen Crafter

    AMF-Bruns linear lift AL1 series

    • Van range from Bär VanLift​ list

    • Ford Transit Custom

    • Mercedes-Benz Vito / V-Class

    • Renault Trafic

    • Stellantis K0 platform (Vivaro, Expert, Jumpy, Scudo, Proace)

    • Volkswagen Transporter / Multivan / Caravelle

    • CARGO model exclusive:

      • Toyota Hilux

      • Volkswagen Amarok

      • Ford Ranger

      • Isuzu D-Max

      • SsangYong Musso

      • Jeep Gladiator

  • Standard equipment

    • 2 platform options: Foldable, giving access through the right side rear door (FreeAccess version) or Non-foldable (Standart version)

    • Aluminium anti-slip platform surface with high-intensity LED lights and trolley stops

    • Depending on the van, 500 or 600 kg load capacity

    • SmartControl Basic wireless control unit

    • VanBridge for a seamless transition from platform to van's cargo area


    ​​Take a look at the full specifications

    Optional equipment

    • Extended warranty up to 4 years

    • Removable towbar

    • SmartControl Plus with wireless charging

    • VanBridge for a refrigerated van

  • Standard equipment

    • 4 models:

    • Load capacity 400 kg (up to 500 kg for CARGO version)

    • 900 mm lifting height

    • LED flashing lights

    • EMC tested according to EU regulations, meets EN 1756, ll requirements

    Optional equipment

    • Remote control

    • LED platform lights

    • Choice of 3 platform sizes for every model​​


Bär VanLift FreeAccess operation

Take a look at the usage of Bär Vanlift with the FreeAccess foldable platform.


Loading and unloading trolleys

Every Bär VanLift customer receives trolley stops in the standard equipment. See the video on their operation.


Bär SmartControl Basic

With every Bär VanLift, You will receive a wireless control unit. Check out the video on its operation.


Why choose Bär hydraulic lifts?

Since 1981, BÄR has been dedicated to enhancing tail lift performance for diverse transport tasks, making the Cargolift an essential part of commercial vehicle systems. Delve into the history of this family-owned business, showcasing expertise in aluminium platform development and industry-shaping innovations. While innovations can be copied, BÄR's creative ability remains unique, driving continuous improvement.

Bär van cargo lifts in motion

AMF-Bruns AL1 solid linear van lift


AL1 Solid linear van lift

The AL1 Solid Linear Lift stands out for its safety measures that are tailored to prevent underride accidents, enabled by its automatic roll-over flap. The Solid's unique selling point is its see-through platform design, which ensures an excellent rear view when the lift is unused. Another key advantage of the Solid model is the availability of three standard platform choices. For even more convenience, it can be customized with LED platform lights.

AMF-Bruns AL1 Split linear van lift


AL1 Split linear van lift

The distinguishing feature of the AL1 Split Linear Lift is its unique two-part platform that unfolds to form an overall platform. This split design facilitates unimpeded access to the passenger compartment and provides a clear view. Depending on the vehicle model, it is adaptable and suitable for rear and side entry. This model also offers the customization option of LED platform lights.

AMF-Bruns AL1 panorama linear van lift


AL1 Panorama linear van lift

The AL1 Panorama Linear Lift sets itself apart with its ability to fit large platforms into vehicles with low interior heights, thanks to its unique panorama platform. Despite its large lifting platform, the Panorama collapses to about half its total length when stowed, requiring less space when upright in the vehicle. The Panorama does not offer the LED platform lights option, distinguishing it from the Solid and Split models.

AMF-Bruns AL1 Cargo linear van lift


AL1 Cargo van lift

AL1 Cargo lift is designed for versatility and heavier loads, perfect for vehicles with a maximum loading height of 900 mm. With its load capacity reaching 500 kg, it can handle weighty loads effortlessly. What sets the Cargo Lift apart is its adaptability; it is suitable for various vehicles like vans, box vans, pick-up trucks or even as a broadened model for HGVs. Its unique feature is the three standard sizes of lifting available platforms, offering varied dimensions to suit different needs. An optional roll-off safety barrier can be added for increased safety.

Features of the AMF-Bruns AL1 lifts


AL1 Solid linear van lift operation

Take a look at how AMF-Bruns AL1 Solid linear van lift operates.


AL1 Split linear van lift operation

Take a look at how AMF-Bruns AL1 Split linear van lift operates.


AL1 Panorama van lift operation

Take a look at how AMF-Bruns AL1 Panorama linear van lift operates.


AL1 Cargo van lift operation

Take a look at how AMF-Bruns AL1 Cargo van lift operates.

AMF-Bruns AL1 linear lifts in motion

Recent van lift deliveries

The rear of BAR van cargo lift on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
6 versions of platforms

To find the most practical solution for You our range includes 6 different platforms in various sizes.

Exterior accessories

To fully capture the capabilities of your van, we offer accessories such as roof racks, ladder systems, rear view cameras and more.

Equipment for the interior 

We offer van linings, LED lighting, cargo rails and more for the vehicle's interior.

Wide payload range

We offer 3 different van lift options, ranging from 400 to 600 kg in usable lifting payload.

Hydraulic lifts for vans

The ingenious solution for vans

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with Hoobrid's hydraulic van cargo lift

Let's install Your van's hydraulic lift

Look no further for hydraulic lifts for vans! We are just a few clicks away and fully equipped to provide the necessary information and specifications.

Bar VanLift's 2 types of platforms- fixed and FreeAccess


2 types of platforms

We offer two types of platforms for Bär Vanlift - fixed platform Standart model and foldable FreeAccess for maximum flexibility for Your van.

Bar Van Cargolift FreeAccess model on a van


FreeAccess platform

The Bär Van Cargolift FreeAccess model offers a flexible solution for loading and unloading various cargo types efficiently. With free access to the right rear door, it enables easy loading of heavy pallets or up to four trolleys. The unique belt hinge system ensures seamless unloading of individual packages or trays, making it perfect for weight-sensitive vehicle classes.

Loading of the BAR VanLift cargolift


Up to 600 kilograms of lifting power

Depending on Your van model, You will have 500 or 600 kilograms of load capacity. The large platform provides sufficient space to load and unload one Euro pallet with a forklift and up to four trolleys.

The demonstration of BAR VanLift trolley stops


Trolley stops as standart

The two-part trolley stops for two trolleys is standard with every Bär VanLift, for secure loading and unloading cargo on wheels.

BAR cargolift diagnostics


Diagnostics capable lift

Software-based diagnostics are already standard in commercial vehicle service, but only a few hydraulic lift manufacturers have implemented it in their equipment. Because downtime is costly, Bär aims to maximise the use of your fleet, which is why every Bär hydraulic lift truck is equipped with an internal computer. Combined with the Bär CargoCheck diagnostic software, it allows us to quickly and easily identify and troubleshoot faults so the vehicle can be returned to service as soon as possible.

BAR service point map of Europe


Full service coverage across Europe

Downtimes are costly. In order to provide you with the quickest assistance possible, Bär Cargolift offers a wide selection of service partners across Europe. 

Features of the Bär van cargo lifts

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