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Hydraulic van cargo lift for Ford Transit

We are thrilled to announce that we have successfully delivered and mounted the top-tier BAR hydraulic van cargo lift equipped with a FreeAccess platform, the innovative MAD pneumatic suspension system, and a high-resolution rearview camera on a Ford Transit Van! 🚐💨

The BAR Cargolift van lift is a highly efficient and reliable tool for loading and unloading various types of cargo. It features two platform options: the Foldable option, giving access through the right side rear door (FreeAccess version), or the Non-foldable (Standard version).

Highlighting Features of our Cargolift:

  • Aluminium anti-slip platform surface: Ensures safe loading and unloading, complete with high-intensity LED lights and trolley stops.

  • Load capacity: Depending on the van, you can safely carry a 500 or 600-kg load.

  • SmartControl Basic wireless control unit: Allows for easy operation and handling.

  • VanBridge: This feature seamlessly transitions from the platform to the van's cargo area.

Our Bär Van Cargolift FreeAccess model is a game-changer when handling various types of cargo. It provides free access to the right rear door, making loading heavy pallets or up to four trolleys a breeze! 📦👌

The two-part trolley stops, standard with every Bär VanLift, offer secure loading and unloading for cargo on wheels.

In addition, every Bär hydraulic lift comes with an internal computer. In conjunction with the Bär CargoCheck diagnostic software, we can quickly and easily identify and troubleshoot faults so the vehicle can be returned to service ASAP. 💻🔧

At Hoobrid, we provide solutions that maximize efficiency, safety, and reliability. Whether you're managing a fleet or driving solo, we're here to ensure your operations run smoothly and effectively! 🚀

Find out more about hydraulic lifts for vans here:


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