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At Hoobrid, we recognize the importance of storing goods in appropriate conditions. Our fleet of truck and semi-trailer bodies is designed to meet the unique requirements of various products. Our vehicles are equipped to maintain consistent temperatures, keep items cool, or transport frozen goods. You can rely on us to deliver your products in optimal condition every time.

Quick look at FRC, FNA type refrigerated bodies and non-insulated bodies for trucks and trailers


Non-Insulated bodies: Our non-insulated rigid bodies offer unmatched versatility for all your general truck and trailer transport needs. These robust and reliable truck and trailer non-insulated bodies are perfect for cargo, including non-perishable goods, equipment, machinery, retail merchandise, and more. Engineered for durability, our non-insulated bodies provide ample space for cargo, ensuring your goods are transported safely and efficiently. Whether you're delivering across town, country or Europe, our non-insulated rigid bodies are your go-to solution for all-purpose transportation. Trust our non-insulated bodies for trucks and trailers to deliver your goods in prime condition on every journey.


FNA (ATP Class) refrigerated bodies: When your cargo requires a cool environment above -20°C, our FNA-class bodies step in. Our FNA-class isotherm refrigerated bodies for trucks and trailers provide reliable, temperature-controlled transportation solutions for sensitive goods, ideal for fresh meats and dairy products like cheese or yoghurt, fruits, and vegetables.

FRC (ATP Class) refrigerated bodies: For items that require extremely low temperatures look no further than our FRC-class bodies for trucks and trailers. Capable of maintaining temperatures below -20°C, these isotherm bodies are the solution for transporting deep-frozen products such as ice cream, frozen meats, and frozen fruits. Our FRC-class isotherm bodies for trucks and trailers ensure your goods stay perfectly frozen throughout their journey.

Iveco Eurocargo truck with Carrier refrigeration system and FRC body from Hoobrid
MAN truck with non-insulated body from Hoobrid


Non-insulated bodies for trucks and trailers

Our non-insulated truck and trailer bodies are versatile and durable, making them perfect for transporting a wide range of goods safely and efficiently. Trust us for all-purpose truck and trailer needs, whether you're going across town or the country.

Truck with Daikin/Zanotti SFZ refrigeration system and Hoobrid's FNA body


FNA type refrigerated bodies for trucks and trailers

Our FNA-class isotherm refrigerated bodies for trucks and trailers are perfect for transporting sensitive items like fresh meats, dairy products, and fruits and vegetables that require a cool environment above -20°C. Trust us for reliable temperature-controlled transportation solutions.

Iveco Eurocargo truck with Carrier refrigeration system, BAR RetFalt hydraulic lift and FRC body from Hoobrid


FRC type refrigerated bodies for trucks and trailers

Our FRC-class isotherm refrigerated bodies for trucks and trailers can maintain temperatures below -20°C, making them ideal for transporting deep-frozen items such as ice cream, frozen meats, and frozen fruits. Your goods will remain frozen throughout their journey with us.

Iveco Eurocargo Truck with Hoobrid's FRC body, BAR hydraulic cargo lift and refrigeration system


Lightweight and robust bodies

Utilizing structural aluminium systems and panel walls to reduce truck and trailer body weight can significantly enhance transportation services economic efficiency. We proudly offer bodies with higher loading capacity, excellent thermal insulation, and the potential for increased profits.

The inside of FNA refrigerated truck body



The panel's laminated structure, along with the body's integrated structure, allows for efficient cleaning and simple disinfection of the surface.

The side of FNA truck body with extendable ladder system


Work ergonomics

The cargo area has side and rear doors with strong aluminium profiles for easy access. The rear doors open 270 degrees, and the side doors open 180 degrees for fast loading. Magnetic and/or mechanical holders reduce handling time, and secure closures prevent theft. Built-in ladders provide safe access, and LED lighting illuminates the area at night.

Inside Hoobrid's FRC truck body with refrigeration system, cargo rails and movable partition wall



Ensuring the proper security of goods during transportation is absolutely essential. Neglecting to do so not only puts the goods at risk of damage but also poses a significant danger to the driver and other individuals on the road. To guarantee the safety and security of the load, we highly recommend utilizing a cargo-securing system.

The rear of Iveco Eurocargo truck with Hoobrid's FRC body and hydraulic lift from BAR



At Hoobrid, we recognize that each client has unique requirements. That's why we collaborate closely with our customers to create a tailored truck or trailer body that aligns with their objectives, maximizes value, and guarantees reliability. From varying sizes and positions of side doors to a rear door arrangement, fixed partition walls, or other specifications, we will identify the optimal solution for your needs.

Features of the bodies for trucks and trailers

Recent non-insulated and refrigerated bodies for trucks and trailers deliveries

Scania P series truck with FRC body, refrigeration system and hydraulic lift from Hoobrid
Custom bodies

Wether it is FRC, FNA or a non-insulated body, we customise the body with the client's needs in mind.

Exterior accessories

To fully capture the capabilities of your FRC, FNA or non-insulated bodies, we offer accessories such as hydraulic lifts, rear-view cameras and more.

Spoilers and refrigeration units

We can provide spoilers with integrated refrigeration systems to meet your specific needs.

Non-insulated and refrigerated FRC, FNA type bodies for trucks and trailers

Full range of non-insulated and refrigerated bodies for trucks and trailers

Mounting of a FRC/FNA body on a truck by Hoobrid

Let's mount Your box body for truck or trailer

Look no further for isothermal refrigerated bodies of FRC, FNA types and non-insulated bodies for trucks and trailers! We are just a few clicks away and fully equipped to provide the necessary information and specifications.

Movable partition wall system inside FRC/FNA truck body


Movable partition walls

For FRC and FNA truck or trailer isothermal refrigerated bodies, we offer movable partition walls that allow flexibility in multi-temperature bodies.

Rear view camera system and PVC curtains on a truck body


Rear cameras and PVC curtains

Rear cameras aid in reverse driving while PVC curtains maintain stable temperatures in the refrigerated truck or trailer body. They are efficient, low-maintenance, and provide hygiene and safety protection against contaminants. PVC curtains also help meet temperature regulations during transit. They are a valuable asset in the world of refrigerated transport.

Iveco Eurocargo truck with FRC body, refrigeration system and hydraulic lift from Hoobrid


Refrigeration systems

Depending on your specific requirements, we can provide either FRC or FNA isotherm body refrigeration systems that will satisfy your needs. For more details, please visit our webpage on refrigeration systems for trucks and trailers.

Iveco Eurocargo with Hoobrid's hydraulic RetFalt lift and FRC body


Hydraulic lifts

We offer a diverse selection of hydraulic cargo lifts for trucks, trailers and semi-trailers. Please refer to the dedicated page on truck, trailer and semi-trailer hydraulic lifts for further details.

BAR S4 hydraulic lift on a truck body


Flap and/or lift platform closes the rear

If you frequently use a hydraulic cargo lift to access the rear opening of your truck or trailer and have a non-insulated body, we have an ideal solution for you. Our top flap provides a secure way to close the opening while still using the lift's platform. Additionally, if you require a larger platform, it can be utilized to fully seal off the rear of the body.

Temperature logging device in Mercedes-Benz Sprinter FRC body from Hoobrid


Temperature logging devices

Temperature logging devices are crucial in industries dealing with perishable goods. They constantly monitor and record temperature levels to ensure products are stored and transported safely. Deviations can lead to spoilage, reduced effectiveness, or health risks. They also provide the necessary documentation for regulatory compliance and auditing purposes.

Some of the options for refrigerated and non-insulated bodies for trucks and trailers

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