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Comfort crew cab specifications

Attention Business Leaders, Dealership Pros, and Transportation Experts:

Elevate Your Team's Experience on the road with our Comfort Crew Cab conversions. Beyond just transporting, it's about ensuring that every journey is as comfortable and efficient as your business operations.

Comfort-Centric Highlights:

  • Premium Seating: Ergonomically designed seats that match the original front row, ensuring consistent aesthetic and comfort.

  • Ambient LED Lighting: Keep the cabin well-lit, fostering a positive environment for your crew.

  • Tinted Windows with Elegant Trims: Offering privacy without compromising on aesthetics.

  • Advanced Optional Upgrades: From armrests and advanced heating & cooling systems to additional seating configurations, customize as per your team's needs.

Ready to redefine comfort on the go? Dive in deeper here:

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