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Renault Master Carpol isothermal van + Zanotti Cooling

Even though it's cold outside, together with Carpol and Zanotti, we've turned this Renault Master L3H2 cargo compartment into an Antarctic space.

With our conversion, your isothermal van is rigid, robust, easy to clean and, above all, sealed. As a result, we offer the ideal solution for transporting goods at the right temperature.

The U-shaped floor and curved sides guarantee 100% watertightness, even with prolonged and intensive use. The sealed load compartment ensures that no mould or fungus will ever appear. This is particularly important for food transport companies that want to ensure a hygienic environment for their products.

Maintenance openings allow access to a damaged lock or burnt-out light bulb without having to dismantle the entire structure.

ABS moulded insulation ensures quality and 100% repeatable production, if the vehicle is damaged we can quickly replace it with a new part.

ABS panels with PMMA surfaces are resistant to cleaning agents, which ensures sanitary safety in contact with food.

We have also equipped this vehicle with MAD air suspension and a rear-view camera integrated into the rear stop lamp.


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