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Although we primarily offer Daikin refrigeration systems, other brands can be provided.


Daikin has provided climate control solutions and air conditioning for 90 years. Their Transport Refrigeration range offers reliable and efficient solutions for different applications and vehicle types, minimising ownership costs while maintaining high-quality standards.


Daikin offers a diverse product range for trucks and semi-trailers, meeting various transport needs. The SFZ series provides energy-efficient and quiet solutions for refrigerated transport on light to medium trucks. The SFZ Multi-Temp range caters to varying temperature requirements. The Uno range, designed for medium to heavy trucks, reduces fuel consumption and extends maintenance intervals. Uno Undermount models, meant for heavy trucks, can be installed under the box. The Exigo E1500 model represents the pinnacle of diesel-powered refrigeration for semi-trailers. In 2023 Exigo fully electric model will be launched.

Quick look at refrigeration systems for trucks, trailers and semi-trailers


The SFZ series, including SFZ238 and SFZ248, are designed for easy installation on the front wall of the truck box. Their Multi-Temp counterparts, SFZ238 Multi and SFZ248 Multi, can handle multiple temperature zones in the same vehicle. The Uno range, with models like U600, U800, and U1000, along with U800 Multi and U1000 Multi, is characterised by Daikin's innovative direct coupling design between the engine and the compressor for high performance and energy efficiency. The Uno Undermount models, such as UN120 and UN120 Multi, are designed to be installed under the truck box, with the UN120 Multi offering multiple temperature zones. Lastly, the Daikin Exigo E1500 model is distinguished by its variable speed operation, enabling efficient performance and lower fuel consumption.

Take a look at Daikin refrigeration systems range for trucks, trailers and semi-trailers.

Zanotti/Daikin SFZ series refrigeration system for truck on a MAN truck with FRC body from Hoobrid


Exigo E1500

Daikin EXIGO E1500: Versatile, Quiet, and Efficient Refrigeration Units. Step into the world of our innovative refrigeration solutions designed for semi-trailers.


Exigo E1500e

Daikin unveiled the Exigo Electric E1500e at the IAA Transportation event in September 2022. This refrigeration unit is designed with an engineless drive architecture to offer a sustainable, low-emission solution for refrigerated trailers. The Exigo E1500e is compatible with various engineless drive systems, is energy efficient, and optimised for low maintenance and reliability. Its unique design allows for external power from multiple sources, including batteries, e-axles, hydrogen fuel cells, and solar panels. The device ensures maximum energy efficiency, directly leveraging high voltage direct current power from batteries.

Daikin refrigeration systems in motion

Recent truck, trailer and semi-trailer refrigeration system deliveries

Refrigeration system for truck on a Scania P chassis truck with FRC body and hydraulic lift
Great combo with our bodies

Daikin refrigeration systems go hand in hand with our FRC, FNA and insulated bodies for trucks and trailers.

Exterior accessories

To fully capture the capabilities of your refrigerated truck, trailer and semi-trailer, we offer accessories such as rear-view cameras, hydraulic cargolifts and more.

3 system options

To find the perfect solution for You, we offer two nose-mount refrigerator series - SFZ for medium-sized trucks and trailers or FNA temperatures, UNO for medium-heavy truck and trailer segments and FRC temperatures and UNO under-mount for maximum aerodynamics and low bodies.

Ultra-thin evaporators

Daikin truck, trailer and semi-trailer refrigeration systems optimise space, energy, and weight. They're innovative, efficient, and cost-effective without sacrificing quality.

Refrigeration systems for trucks, trailers and semi-trailers

Serious refrigeration for serious businesses

Zanotti/Daikin refrigeration system on a truck mounted by Hoobrid

Let's install Your refrigeration system for a truck, trailer or semi-trailer

Look no further for refrigeration systems for trucks, trailers or semi-trailers! We are just a few clicks away and fully equipped to provide the necessary information and specifications.

Zanotti/Daikin SFZ range refrigeration system on a Iveco Daily truck


SFZ range - Adaptive Refrigeration Powerhouse

The SFZ Series delivers efficient, robust refrigeration on light to medium trucks for medium-sized boxes. It features easy-to-install, nose-mounted units and includes the SFZ Multi-Temp range for transporting goods with varying temperature requirements, all monitored via a user-friendly interface for optimal temperature control.

Zanotti/Daikin UNO range refrigeration system for trucks on MAN with FRC body from hoobrid


UNO range - Diesel Efficiency Champion

Daikin UNO line provides refrigeration units for medium to heavy trucks and trailers. These units have a diesel engine and Daikin direct coupling technology. The range offers high cooling performance and energy efficiency, reducing maintenance costs. Models include U600, U800, and U1000, as well as multi-temperature options. All models adhere to strict emissions, material waste, and noise pollution regulations, with real-time monitoring and control for precise temperature management.

Zanotti/Daikin UNO undermount refrigeration system


UNO under-mount - heavy-duty Performance Beast

Daikin UNO Undermount series offers refrigeration units for heavy trucks and trailers powered independently by a diesel engine. They feature Daikin's direct coupling design and are installed under the truck box to maintain aerodynamics. The models provide multiple temperature zones and offer exceptional performance, energy efficiency, reduced noise, and fuel consumption.

Daikin/Zanotti Exigo E1500 refrigeration system on a semi-trailer


Exigo E1500 - Innovation Pioneer in Refrigeration

The Daikin Exigo refrigeration unit, E1500, is a diesel-powered model with variable speed operation for reduced fuel consumption. Its electric-ready platform offers maximum efficiency and a low total cost of ownership. It has a high-resolution graphical user interface for easy operation and advanced telematics for simplified fleet management. It's also lightweight, with extended service intervals, embodying Daikin's innovation, reliability, and transport refrigeration expertise. Fully electric version will come in 2023.

Zanotti/Daikin UNO 1000 truck refrigeration system on a truck driving in a city


Italian design, Japanese Engineering

Daikin's advanced climate control technology and refrigeration expertise result in an Italian-designed refrigeration system for trucks and semi-trailers that epitomizes functionality and aesthetic elegance. Mirroring the principles of Italian design, Daikin blends clean lines, durability, and user-friendliness, presenting a product that is as stylish as it is efficient.

Zanotti/Daikin SFZ refrigeration system


Ultra-thin evaporators

Daikin refrigeration systems for trucks and semi-trailers incorporate thin evaporators, allowing for efficient use of space, energy, and weight reduction. The compact design improves airflow, reduces weight, and increases fuel efficiency, resulting in significant cost savings. Innovative design enhances practicality, functionality, and efficiency without sacrificing quality.

Features of the Daikin truck, trailer and semi-trailer refrigeration systems

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